Cape Cyclists Better their Best with CrampNOT

Cape Cyclists Better their Best

In the month of July we hosted yet another CrampNOT MTB ride along with Nick Bester, which took place in Cape Town over two days. Each day saw the ever so youthful Nick ‘Yster’ Bester lead the groups of cyclists through a 150km course, which started and ended in Meerendal in Durbanville.



” There’s no room at the top for cramps.”


Stunning sunrise at Meerendal in Durbanville where our CrampNOT rides began and ended.

Opposed to the previous ride, which we had hosted in Pretoria, we gave the participants the option of joining us for both days; back-to-back sessions so that they could experience how CrampNOT also aids with recovery. Yet, what they would notice first is that it enables them to ride at a higher intensity, as it improves neuromuscular functionality allowing the muscles to be less fatigued and therefore preventing cramps from occurring.

The strenuous route consisted of mixed terrain with an estimated total climb of 1800 metres. The conditions were also suitable for cramping, as the riders encountered typical Capetonian weather where they rode through all ‘Four Seasons’ in a day.

The temperatures varied as the groups cycled in icy conditions where the mercury dipped as low as 6 degrees Celsius. This was followed by pleasant sunshine in the moderate 20s with virtually no wind but eventually, the mountain-bikers endured heavy rainfall with unpleasant gusts while having to cycle uphill.

The 150-kilometre ride was completed at an average speed of approximately 25km/h for many of which was a personal best. In fact surpassing 100 kilometres on a mountain bike was unchartered territory for some, which left them completely amazed with their own performances.

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What was most surprising for them was the fact that they could cycle at that intensity for that long without experiencing a hint of a cramp, as we made sure that the participants took refreshment breaks every two and a half hours where they topped up on the S#*T.

What surprised the mountain bikers the most, was that they did not experience that heavy sense of fatigue, especially in the latter stages of the ride when they had to overcome two big ascents to complete the course.

Danie Lotter, who was preparing for the Trans Baviaans and had not ridden for 3 weeks prior to this mammoth cycle, had this to say:

I could definitely feel an improvement in my ability to perform and also the recovery yesterday; in fact I did not feel any stiffness in my legs. “

He was not the only one who was surprised with the outcome, as Richard Baufeldt expressed his disbelief with a smile after an impressive ascent in the pouring rain with 120+ kilometres in his legs.

“To my BIG surprise and against all odds, I crested still standing and pushing very hard, in the rain. By now I was getting very cold due to the continuous rain and cold of the day.”

Richard continued to by saying, “Amazing! My best ascent ever and I am still feeling good after that intense ride.”


Richard Baufeldt at during the CrampNOT MTB Ride.

And then there was Robert Du Preez of Revolution Cycles who is a road cyclist who has finished in the top 10 of the Amashova Durban Classic. He caught everyone’s eye when he pitched up with what appeared to be a road bike.

It turned out that the roady was well aware that the ride would consist of gravel and tar, as he utilised the opportunity to not only test CrampNOT but also the new Specialized Gravel Grinder.


Robert Du Preez (left) and Jos Le Roux (centre) on their Gravel Grinder bikes.

Even though he is a pretty strong rider, he said to complete 150 kilometres is still a tough task, regardless of how fit one is. He too, was taken by surprise as he realised how fresh he was, as this is what he said:

“Towards the end of the ride the wind started to lift and we started to climb the last few tough hills around Durbanville and I was surprised to find that I was still feeling very fresh.”

He continues by saying, “ I spent a lot of time setting the tempo and lifting the pace a bit on the climbs just because I felt strong. “


Jos Le Roux and Robert Du Preez of Revolution Cycles after topping up on the S#*T.

Yet again, we are proud to announce that out of the 25 participants, only we had one person that experienced cramping, which was due to the participant not taking another dose of CrampNOT when all the cyclists had their second dose of the S#*T.

All in all, everyone had fun during and after the ride when we invited all the participants to join us for lunch. The amazement about the product was in no short supply, as everyone was happy that they did not cramp.

Be on the lookout for our next CrampNOT ride, which we will host in Johannesburg soon.



6 Comments on “Cape Cyclists Better their Best with CrampNOT

  1. I drank it first on the Argus 2016 and did the ride with out any cramps, which is something I struggle with. I drank a lot of other stuff and nothing seems to work. This was the first product that helped.
    Since then I was looking for it, but couldn’t get hold of it. I am from Kleksdorp in the North West.
    I just see on your website it is available at Sportmens Warehouse. I will go and have a look for it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hi Guys..found that dis chem in somerset west and paarl mall is out of stock..??


    • Hi Morne, you can head to Kroff Cycles in Paarl, as they currently still have stock.

      Otherwise, the closest independent stores would be Runner’s Rest & Outdoor Escape in Stellenbosch.


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