“Awesome Product!”

“Awesome Product!”


It is always awesome when people are just as stoked as you about something. This is the case with Nicholas Davey, as he was amazed with the efficacy of CrampNOT. He got to experience the amazing neuromuscular anti-cramp complex during our CrampNOT MTB Trial with Nick Bester.

The field trial was conducted over two days (23rd &24th July 2016) in Durbanville where riders cycled more than 150km, on gravel and tar, each day. Most of the riders were present for one day, however Nicholas was brave enough to participate in both rides.


CrampNOT: The neuromuscular anti-cramp complex that works.


Brave he certainly was, as he said that he had only ridden a couple of times in the past few months and says that he experiences bad cramps if he is not fit. Nicholas typically rides 70km on a Saturday and usually no more than 55km the following day.

“(…) I can hardly be described as being in shape.” added the cycling enthusiast.


Front left: Nicholas pictured alongside Best 4 Sports representative Adele Bellairs in Day 1 of the CrampNOT MTB Trial.

Still going strong

The final 20-odd kilometres of the route entailed some nasty steep climbs, which lead the riders back to the starting point in Meerendal. One of those steep inclines was Conterman’s Kloof, which is quite a tough assent on its own, yet the participant tackled it with approximately 120km in their legs already.

“I managed to cycle hard up Conterman’s Kloof with no hint of a cramp. On day 2, I pushed another up the hill towards Meerendal, again with no cramps.”


Nicholas (right) after pushing a fellow participant.

The impressed cyclist continued to say, “Not once did I experience any cramping on either day.” 

However, the real tell-tale appeared later long after the ride, as he usually experiences calf cramps when standing on his tip-toes. Yet, he had not experienced that and he noticed how fast he had recovered.

Amazingly, I have also recovered really quickly and am ready to do it all again! Awesome product! ”


CrampNOT is available at leading sports stores, pharmacies and on http://www.e-pharma.co.za


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