Hank McGregor: King of the Berg once again

Hank McGregor: King of the Berg once again

The name Hank McGregor is one of the most well-known and highly regarded names in the canoe and surfski fraternity, as canoe sport fans have seen him win just about every major canoe race over the last decade or so.

He literally is a machine. In fact, the power and technique that encompasses his paddling style has earned him the befitting nickname of “ Hank the Tank.”

canoephotography.com:Balint Vekassy(ICF)

Hank McGregor winning the World Canoe Marathon World Championship (canoephotography.com/Balint Vekassy)

The Berg River Canoe Marathon has been described as one of the most gruelling multi-day canoe races on the racing calendar. Even the 6-time Canoe Marathon World champion says that it is the toughest canoe marathon in South Africa and possibly, the world.

The 240-kilometre course sees paddlers racing from Paarl to Velddrif over multiple stages in ice-cold weather conditions. The combination of the freezing weather conditions and the long stages makes for perfect conditions for paddlers to cramp.



Paddlers racing along the Berg river in cold weather conditions (www.capetownmagazine.com).

“I have always suffered from cramps in the past, mainly due to cold weather and the lengthy day stages, some up to 75km taking up to 6 hours winning time ”, said McGregor being no exception to the involuntary muscle contractions.

This year was different however, as McGregor used our neuromuscular supplement throughout his 11th Berg River Marathon victory.


Here is what he had to say about his experience with the S#*T:


“ I recently used the Best 4 Sports CrampNot product on the 5-day-stage Berg River Canoe Marathon. I was cramp-free from start to finish and what I noticed the most was my recovery time was excellent.

The early morning starts are always the toughest as the body battles to warm up and get rid of the stiffness and body aches from previous day racing but this year it seemed to have disappeared.“



He continues by expressing his gratitude after experiencing the benefits that CrampNOT has to offer.

 “I can only put this down to the use of Best 4 Sports CrampNot product, as this is my 13th Berg River Marathon and my 11th win against some of toughest world ranked competitors in canoe marathon racing.

 Thank you, Best 4 Sports CrampNot for making me a better racer, I look forward to my next race.“


McGregor after his 11th Berg River Marathon win.

 We are certainly stoked to help contribute to Hank McGregor’s success of retaining the Berg River Canoe Marathon allowing him to become king, once again.

It’s the S#*T!

CrampNOT is now available at leading sports stores, pharmacies and http://www.e-pharma.co.za  .

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