Nobody be Cramping up our Style at the Comrades Marathon

The Comrades Marathon is appropriately dubbed the Ultimate Human Race, as it is an event that tests the strength, character and the mentality of runners as they courageously tackle the 89-kilometre course.

The Comrades Marathon is the oldest ultra marathon in the world, which sees more than 20 000 runners from 60 countries attempting to complete the strenuous journey from Durban to Pietermaritzburg (the up run) or from Pietermaritzburg to Durban (the down run).



Cato Ridge at just after sunrise, which was the 30 kilometre mark of the Comrade’s Marathon.

The past Sunday was the 91st edition of the race, which was a down run from Pietermaritzburg. For most people, it is the more difficult version of the race, as it is more taxing on the muscles.



The #GreenDreamTeam ahead of the start of the race. (Image/@BESTERNICK)

With an event of such a large magnitude, a vibrant atmosphere and a colossal route, which is more than doubled a standard marathon, it was clear that Best 4 Sports would be there with the revolutionary S#*T called CrampNOT!



The S#*T with its stamp of approval.

The Comrades Marathon Expo

The Bonitas Comrades Marathon Expo was definitely one of the better events that we were involved in, as one could not help but allow oneself to be immersed in the contagiously vibrant atmosphere.

We were so caught up in the hype and excitement leading up to the race, at times it felt like we were participating in the event as runners. We were however, heavily involved in the race on Sunday, as CrampNOT played an influential role in the outcome of the Comrades Marathon.

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Distributing the S#*T

We had an immensely great reception at the expo as far as CrampNOT is concerned, for many people were familiar with the S#*T and some were open to try it for the first time, due to feedback of friends and results at the Cape Town Cycle Tour, Two Oceans Marathon, Nick Bester’s MTB trial and more recently the Wings for Life World Run.



Making Someone’s Day
We also ran a competition over the duration of the Comrades Expo where entrants could stand a chance to win a Garmin Forerunner 235. The competition was open to anybody provided that they just fill in the entry form before 4:00PM on the last day of the event. The lucky winner of the draw was Mr Maboqaqe who was actually one of the last entries.


We were immensely delighted to award him the prize, as one could see that the winner was filled with much joy and did not really know how to react, but could only express immense gratitude. The smile on his face says it all.



Ready, Steady…GO!

Ever wondered how the elite runners do the morning before the 5:30AM start? Well, they are at least up a couple of hours before. In fact the Nedbank Running Club elite runner were up at 1:30AM getting ready to have breakfast.


Following that everyone, including the seconds, gather for a briefing, which would take place at around 2:30AM, as everything needs to go according to plan, especially with the seconding groups, as they provide the nutrition and hydration for the athletes at specific points of the race.

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This is precisely where we came in, as we were placed in the seconding groups, for we were providing the elite runners of the Nedbank Running Club with our revolutionary neuromuscular supplement, called CrampNOT.

The #GreenDreamTeam

An immensely exciting day of racing it was for the Nedbank Running Club and for CrampNOT as well, for the #DreamGreenTeam did immensely well. Five of their athletes placed in the top 10 in the Men’s Race and 3 of which utilised CrampNOT.

Ludwick Mamabolo, who finished second with a Personal Best time of 5:24:05. That would normally be enough to win the race, but it was not to due to David Gatebe’s (TomTom AC) record breaking down run of 5:18:19, shattering the previous record by more than 2 minutes! Needless to say, Mamabolo had consumed 3 CrampNOT Premium sachets throughout the race and therefore did not experience a cramp.

Mike Fokoroni looked well on his way to make the Two Oceans/Comrades double as he lead 50 kilometres into the race. It appeared that he set the pace too high, as he faded to 8th poition. With 30 kilometres to go, Fokoroni also had a CrampNOT Premium, which enabled him to make up four places to finish 4th.

Mike Fokorini with 5 kilometres to go after making up 4 places to be in 4th position.

The other Nedbank elite runner that used CrampNOT in the race was the American, Max King, who ran well to finish in 8th position.

The Race of the Fairer Sex

Drama unfolded in the women’s race after Caroline Wostmann comfortably lead the majority of the race up until she stumbled into motorcycle causing the other bikes of the leading brigade to fall.

Above: Kasja Berg passing the 5km to go mark.

Meanwhile, Charne Bosman of Nedbank was 8 minutes behind the KPMG athlete. Wostmann really struggled the last 10 kilometres, as she had to walk big stretches of the remainder of the race. This enabled Bosman to pass her about 2 kilometres from the finish to register her first Comrades Marathon victory! Wostmann finished second in a race filled with Herculean challenges and following her in 3rd, was the Swedish Nedbank International Runner, Kasja Berg who ran strong and consistently throughout. Sarah Bard and Fikile Mbuthuma made up the Nedbank quartet that finished in the top 10, coming in at 4th and 8th position respectively.


Despite all the hype being around the top runners, the biggest CrampNOT success stories revolved around the ‘mere’ mortals of the running world. Expectedly, we had heard that many of the CrampNOT users did not experience any cramps and some even improved on their PB’s by as much as 2 hours! That is unheard of…Stay tuned as we provide you with the biggest success stories of runners using CrampNOT at the Ultimate Human Race.

Those that have used the product can definitely say:

It’s the S#*T !

Now available at leading sports stores, pharmacies and on

8 Comments on “Nobody be Cramping up our Style at the Comrades Marathon

  1. Hi guys. I did my 10th Comrades this year and I must mention that EVERY year I cramped – not a nice experience. All sorts of people recommended all sorts of remedies to not cramp but to no avail.
    This year I attended your launch in Durban at the Durban Country Club by invitation of Kevin Davidson, a friend. I must say that I was a bit apprehensive because I had heard all the hype about other cramp juices but I went anyway.
    I am so glad that I did. My wife and I always run together and she even cramps on a 42km so we decided to try CrampNot for the Stella route tester of 52km and it worked wonderfully. We also used it on the Deloitte Ballito 42km run and great results again. I was so excited that I got Zane from Durban Runner to carry it because I buy all my running shoes etc. from him and they have also said how well it works for their other customers.
    We used CrampNot during Comrades and things went great. This is the first time that I have run Comrades and not cramped – what a pleasure. And by the way, this is our fastest time that we have run the Comrades together – not too shabby hey.
    Thanks so much. For someone who battled with cramps this is a huge thing. Your product is great – keep it up.
    Tim Brockett


  2. How often would you take the product and which would you use mostly the Original or Premium?


    • We recommend you use the product 30 minutes before your activity & every 2-3 hours thereafter.

      It is entirely up to you which to one use more frequently, but due to the added benefits of the Premium (BCAAs which repairs muscle tissue & oxaloacetate, which lowers the level of lactix acid), we would recommend that, as it minimises your fatigue.

      Also, you will notice that we state not to use more than 3 sachets within a 24 hour period, but that is due to the cayenne pepper extracts, as we are aware that not everyone is tolerant of spicey things.


  3. Is there any way to order your products in the Netherlands? I saw that you had a stall at last Amsterdam Marathon expo but I have not heard of any distributors stocking product, can you help direct me? Thanks!


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