Wings For Life World Run: Run (further) for those who can’t



“ To cross the finish line” is an expression that we are all familiar with and in the sport of running, it is often taken literally. Hence, completing a race requires just that…But, what if we told you that there is a race where the objective is to avoid the finish line? Confused?

Well, on 8 May 2016 more than 150 000 runners, in 33 different locations around the globe, geared up at 11AM (GMT) to run as far as they could until the finish line could catch them…Now, you must really be confused.


The Wings For Life World Run trophy.



What was described, is a really unique concept created by Red Bull and the Wings For Life Foundation called the ‘Wings For Life World Run’. The mass global event acts as a fundraiser in which the proceeds go towards research in finding a cure for spinal cord injuries.

The Wings For Life World Run encourages everybody of all shapes and sizes to participate in it and it offers a day full of entertainment for the spectators, as they were given the opportunity to tune into all of the action of all 33 locations while waiting for their loved ones in the race village.

This is exactly how the race concept works:

All of the participants, all over the world, started at 11AM (GMT). The catcher car, which is essentially the finish line, was driven 30 minutes after the runners’ start time at 15km/h for the first hour. Then for the following hour at 16km/h, followed by 17km/h after 3 hours. In the fourth hour it the cars drove at 20km/h and lastly at 35km/h so that they cold chase down the last speedsters.

We were super stoked to participate in the third edition of the race in the South African location of Pretoria, which began at Supersport Park in Centurion.


Supersport Park in Centurion was the venue for the WFL World Run in Pretoria.


There were approximately 1500 participants in Pretoria that have also received CrampNOT in their race packs prior to the competition in order to help them rack up some mileage before the catcher car could catch them.


With this type of concept where it requires the participants to run as far as possible, you can easily understand why it made perfect sense for us to be at the WFL World Run. For future events, we would love for CrampNOT to feature at all of the World Run locations, so that more runners are able to beat their personal best distances.



It was a difficult task for the Red Bull athlete and the 2009 Dakar Rally winner, Geniel De Villiers, to drive that snail pace, as we know he is used to planting his foot while manoeuvring his vehicle intricately.

He was accompanied by the dynamic multisport, BMX and mountain biking specialist, Max Cluer, who was the master of ceremony that kept the crowed and runners pumped up throughout the event. During the race though, that ever so familiar voice, was something that you did not want to hear.



The only time that we wanted to see Max Cluer was prior to the start of the race.


It was a great day for all, especially the Best 4 Sports Team, not only did their 2 participants do a combined distance of just below 30 kilometres, many runners had used the unique neuromuscular supplement during the race.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Even some of the elite athletes consumed the 100% natural cramp supplement made from cayenne pepper and cinnamon extracts. In fact, the athletes that used CrampNOT during the race placed second and third in South Africa, which were Coolboy Ngamole (56.1km) and Onele Dintwe (52.7km) respectively.



Dintwe, who was also the female winner in South Africa, was initially just going to run 21 kilometres, but seeing that she was the global female leader, she decided that she wanted to continue and was given a sachet of CrampNOT at about 22kilometres into her run. According to the Nedbank Running Club manager, Nick Bester, she had not ever run more than 49 kilometres before, as the Botswana international is a half marathon specialist. Perhaps that has something to do with our magic potion?

We guess that with CrampNOT, we have changed the slogan of the race to:

“Run FURTHER for those who can’t.”

It’s the S#*T !

CrampNOT is available at leading sports stores, pharmacies and on

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