Mind over Matter or Matter over Mind?

The power of the mind is a remarkably potent thing. This is quite evident in the recent feat that Leicester City has achieved by winning the Premier League this season. Without that sense of belief, the Foxes could definitely not have achieved, which is arguably the biggest shock in football history.

Most people that have used CrampNot for the first time were faced with this dilemma, as they had used the neuromuscular supplement without experiencing any muscle cramps when they usually would. Was it a mind over matter kind of a thing or did CrampNot actually work?


Was it the S#*T or was it their minds?

Due to this shadow of doubt in the minds of many of the users, we wanted to prove that CrampNot really works and that it does not utilise the placebo effect.

So we consulted our superhuman Comrades, Ironman and Ultraman winner, Nick Bester, to lead our CrampNot MTB trial, which would eliminate that doubt that many of the CrampNot users were confronted with.


The superhuman Nick Bester (www.futurlife.co.za)


The study was conducted over two Saturdays (9th and 16th April) where 17 cyclists rode from Wonderpark Mall in Akasia to Cullinan along the Magalies Mountain through Montana. The way back consisted of back roads, which lead to the infamous Molotto Road, which ultimately lead them back to the starting point in Akasia.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 8.33.41 AM

The protocol for our ‘crazy science experiment’.

The distance for each day totalled 150 gruelling kilometres on mixed terrain, where half of the participants were given CrampNot and the other half received a similar tasting placebo. The following week, the cyclists that consumed the placebos used CrampNot and vice-versa.

If just the mere thought of cycling the strenuous 150 kilometres was enough to induce a cramp, who better than Nick Bester to set the intensity of the ride. The group consisted of experienced cyclists, but many did not quite expect to be put through their paces.

They averaged between 24-25km/h, which Nick describes as medium paced. For your averaged cyclist, that description is far from that, especially on a route, which predominantly consisted of uneven surfaces.

The feat that was achieved by the cyclists was quite astonishing, as many had not completed that distance before (or at least not at that pace), despite being seasoned cyclists that have participated in races like the Joburg 2 C and Sani 2 C (which started on Tuesday). Did their achievement have something to do with CrampNot or was it the power of the mind?


So the experiment was not all about pain and suffering for those that had consumed the placebo. Throughout the cycle, we were confronted with some of the most beautiful views that the Highveld has to offer.

At times, when the sun’s rays felt hotter, when every drop of sweat felt like a waterfall and when the ground felt like it was swallowing their bikes (okay, that really did happen because of the sand), the stunning views could help ease their minds from what their bodies were feeling.

The halfway mark in Cullinan also provided the riders with some enjoyment, as they could briefly spend time off of the saddle allowing them to refuel at Harrie’s Pancakes with some coffee, the best beverage for any cyclist, and of course delicious pancakes.


After the first day of the trial, we had noticed that these cyclists were not your averaged riders, as they powered through the 150 kilometres as if it was a routine cycle. Even those that had consumed the placebo seemed pretty strong, as some had experienced cramps, but not to the extent of what we had expected.

Despite that, we had administered the neuromuscular supplement at the point they had experienced a cramp, which took between 1-2 minutes for the cramp to completely subside. We had also administered CrampNot to some of those in the placebo group after the cycle, just in case they experienced a delayed onset.

CRAMPNOT Results - Nick Bester MTB Field Test

The results speak for itself.

At that point, many of the participants were in doubt, as they weren’t sure whether it was just a placebo effect or whether CrampNot actually worked for them. The tell-tale would occur later that same day.

And this is what we were left with:

” Kan oor 100 gaan net op CrampNot.” said Retha, which translates to “ I can go over 100 (kilometres) only on CrampNot.”

Here is some more feedback from a participant from the placebo group on day 1 of the CrampNot MTB Trial:

Hein, I started to cramp at 108km in my right quad. Took the CrampNot sample and the cramp went away after 2 minutes. I cycled the rest of the way at 85-90% effort. No cramp at all! (…)”

He also expressed his excitement of being in the CrampNot group the following week knowing that he would not cramp.

The second day of the trial was much of the same, as we had found a pattern in terms of what the cyclists had experienced. Here is some more feedback below:

Herman Smallberger, a lawyer that loves to cycle, said that he normally experiences a sore burning back after 4 hours of riding, but having cycled for 6 hours on CrampNot in the trial, he had no discomfort whatsoever.

Gavin Gilbert of Rocky Rough Riders was probably one of the participants that were the most surprised with CrampNot, as he had doubted the efficacy of the neuromuscular supplement. However, the second day of the trial (which was when we revealed what the cyclists were using), confirmed it for him.

Check out what he had to say in the Rocky Rough Rider’s group on Facebook:

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 1.20.27 PM copy

These types of responses are what we are plagued with when it comes to people that have used our product, but we will leave it up to you to decide whether:

It’s the power of your mind or whether it’s the S#*T !

Stay tuned for our video of the CrampNot Mountain Bike Trial with Nick Bester.

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