CrampNot: It’s the S#*T

Ours is the even better go getter generation. We work harder and play harder than ever before. Though we might have the drive to push further every time, our bodies sometimes kick back.

Nowhere else is this more evident than with exercise associated muscle cramps. Although muscle cramps are extremely common in both amateur and professional sports, effective treatment has been a bit of a mystery to science…UP UNTIL NOW.

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Traditionally we treated cramps by hydration and introducing electrolytes back into the body through various sports drinks and tablets. This treatment is slightly effective, quite slow and unpredictable.


Modern, global research findings show that muscle cramping is primarily caused by the uncontrolled and repetitive firing of alpha-motor neurons in the spinal cord.

Therefore, the quickest and easiest way to prevent or treat cramping, is to inhibit the firing of the motor neurons that instruct the muscle to cramp.


CrampNot is a completely natural supplement that stimulates primary sensory neurons in the mouth, oesophagus and stomach. It effectively mutes the response of the alpha motor neuron lesion, which essentially blocks the cramping signal to the muscles.


The CrampNot Original is a standard formulation, which contains the anti-cramp formula (Phytosyn17), electrolytes as well as an energy substrate. The Naturale variant is a low-carb, sugar-free supplement that contains stevia and BCAA’s , which allows for muscle repair. Whereas CrampNot Premium contains all of the ingredients as the other variants (excluding stevia), but with the added benefits of Oxaloacetate, which converts one’s lactic acid into an glucose.

It can be used to prevent cramps by taking it before physical activity, or to treat cramps as soon as they appear.

CrampNot contains extracts of Cayenne Pepper and Cinnamon, which makes it free of any banned substances.





Get the world’s first commercially available neuromuscular supplement to prevent and treat your exercise associated muscle cramps.

Best 4 Sports CrampNot.

It’s the S#*T !

Best 4 Sports CrampNot will soon be available at Dischem Pharmacies and leading sports stores.



5 Comments on “CrampNot: It’s the S#*T

  1. How often do one need to take Crampnot on a long distance event? Say Comrades? One before and then when you cramp? Or ever # hours?


    • Hi Pleter, we recommend you use CrampNOT 30 minutes before your event and then every 2.5 hours. on our packaging we have noted that one should use no more than 3 a day, but that applies to those who aren’t tolerant to spicy things such as cayenne pepper.


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