Cracking the Pickle Juice Conundrum

“Cracking the pickle juice conundrum”. This is rather an unusual phrase that Dr Sivi Gounden, one of the brainchildren behind CrampNot, uses to describe the birth of the neuromuscular supplement. Before the whole story can be told, you… Read More

The Wildest Trek (yet)

Read part 2 of Robyn’s awesome adventure race experience in Patagonia where she, along with her teammates, walked/hiked 76km in complete isolation crossing into grassland, forest and mountain slopes.

CrampNot: It’s the S#*T

Ours is the even better go getter generation. We work harder and play harder than ever before. Though we might have the drive to push further every time, our bodies sometimes kick back. Nowhere else is this more… Read More

Better Late Than Never

So it has been a while since we have actually posted another one of our Top 3 sporting moments of the week, so it was time for another one of these. Again, many sports fans could not get… Read More

Crossing Patagonia’s Eastern Flatlands