CrampNot at the CTCT2016

The week of the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2016 was an exciting week for the Best 4 Sports Team, as it saw the unveiling of CrampNot to the Johannesburg and Capetonian public. The 100% natural and world’s first commercially available neuromuscular supplement had received a fantastic response from a diverse crowd representing various sporting codes, as well many who are well known within the medical and pharmaceutical fraternities.

Thus, leaving us with great excitement going into our first Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo where we had given the cyclists the opportunity to try out our neuromuscular supplement for muscle cramps, as we had handed out samples. The response was exactly what we were expecting, as many of the participants of the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2016 had shown interest in the new magical concoction that had helped many paddlers at the Dusi Canoe Marathon earlier this year. 


CrampNot at the CTCT2016 Expo – It really is the s#*t

Even though CrampNot utilises a completely innovative and unorthodox method to prevent muscle cramps, many cyclists with a history of experiencing exercise associated muscle cramps (EAMC) were willing to try CrampNot for the first time at the world’s largest timed event. Throughout the 3-day expo, the Best 4 Sports team had distributed samples to more than 500 riders of the innovative product.

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Many of the cyclists that claimed that they had tried everything and anything to prevent and to treat muscle cramps were enthralled to hear the mechanics of the occurrence of a muscle cramp as well as the science behind CrampNot. We understand that the origin of muscle cramps is a new scientific finding and that it can be a little mind-boggling, but we the video below provides concise and simple explanation.


We, ourselves were super amped and immensely stoked for the Cape Town Cycle Tour, as we anticipated that everyone in our cycle team that cycled would improve on their personal best times to the credit of CrampNot. Without much surprise, everybody in our team that competed had not experienced a cramp and therefore had improved on their times. Some, even took the time to stop for pictures of the amazing views.

As for those that had received samples at the Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo 2016, some had already given us some fantastic feedback mentioning that they had tried the product during their race (something that they would not usually do) and none of them had experienced any involuntary and repeptitive muscle contractions.

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We have also received immediate feedback from Jay Jay Deysel, who is an elite obstacle course racer and member of the Jeep Warrior Team South Africa. He had participated in the Cape Town Cycle Tour as well and claims that he has a history of cramping. Yet, at the CTCT2016, he had not experienced any sign of cramping. Stay tuned to listen to his words about his CrampNot experience.

So there you have it folks! It has barely been a week since we have revealed CrampNot to the South African public and the responses have been phenomenal thus far.

Stay tuned for more awesome feedback and testimonials!

It’s the S#*T !


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