It is here!

CrampNot: The Answer to your cramping Prayers

Today, there is no such thing as friendly competition; whether it is the FIFA World Cup Final at the iconic Maracanã or an impromptu 3-on-3 game in the middle of the road of your neighbourhood, you still want to come out on top and to be the best! With that goal in sight, you go hard and all out. Pushing beyond your limits and playing your heart out…perhaps, a little too hard…and no matter how hard, how long or how often you train, you are still prone to the inevitable, dreadful involuntary and uncontrollable muscle contractions.

Despite hydrating well and constantly replenishing your electrolytes, the probability of muscle cramps occurring is still ever so likely…Well, at least not up until now.

Introducing CrampNot, the world’s 1st commercially available neuromuscular supplement for Exercise Associated Muscle Cramps. The innovative and 100% natural product utilises a new method in preventing and treating muscle cramps in comparison to the conventional products on the market, as recent scientific research indicates that the cause of muscle cramps are primarily due to uncontrolled and repetitive firing of alpha-motor neurons in the spinal cord.


Our revolutionary product comes in 3 variants, which we will tell you all about in our following posts.

What CrampNot does, is stimulate the primary sensory neurons in the mouth, oesophagus and stomach, which effectively mutes the response of the efferent alpha-motor neurons in the lower motor neuron lesion and therefore prevents the cramping action.


You will be able to find CrampNot in Dischem and other leading pharmacies by April.

We understand that sometimes the science behind the function of CrampNot can be a little mind-boggling if you are not a scientist, doctor, biochemist etc. So check out our video below, which may help you make sense of it all.

There you have it, the answer to all of your  ramping prayers: CrampNot. In order to push harder, to go farther and faster, use CrampNot. Because you are always better when you are at your best!

CrampNot will be available in Dischem and leading pharmacies by April, but in order to grab a sample you can contact our offices or find us at the 2 Oceans Marathon Expo in Cape Town on 23rd-25th March 2016.

See you there!



10 Comments on “It is here!

  1. Please inform me of shops selling cramp not in the Cape Town region? This is an urgent request thanking you regards


    • Hi Trevor, you can get the product at Dischem or at some of the various independent stores. We can point you out to the closest store to where you are located. Where are you based?


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