It is almost here!

You are pedalling along one of the world’s most beautiful cycling routes with the breathtaking views of the glistening Indian and Atlantic Ocean. It is views such as these that distracts you momentarily, making your mind forget that you are enduring the blistering heat while sudden ferocious gusts of wind hits you from all directions. It is as if all of the Anemoi (Greek gods of wind), are putting up a collective effort to prevent you from finishing the world’s largest timed event.

However, you have proved that your strength and perserverence can be matched with any of the other 35 000 participants. But then you reach the beginning of Chapman’s Peak Drive feeling like you could do with a beer…”You’ve done well enough to get this far.”, whispers a voice in your head as you stare at the the peak of the hill while resting on your handle bars.


An aerial shot of Chapman’s Peak Drive. (


At this point, you can feel the incessant thumping of your heart against your chest as you begin to gasp for air more frequently. Your head under your helmet begins to reach boiling point while every drop of sweat begins to cascade down your exhausted body like a waterfall.

The voice in your head that you heard earlier suddenly becomes louder. The whispers become cries that you cannot ignore. Cries of “You are tired! You must stop!”, begin to creep in your mind, yet your physique shuns those commands until you realise you are nearing the top.

Every minuscule and fatigued muscle fibre in your body continues to exert force on your pedals allowing you to be within reach of the top of ‘Chappies’. Moments later you begin to visualise your descent, which excites you, not only because it will be adrenaline-fueled, but also because you know how valiantly you have worked for it.

Cyclists at the 2013 edition of the Cape Town Cycle Tour  (http-//

Before you have even peaked, the inevitable happens…your quadriceps begin to stiffen, leaving you immobile and in excruciating pain. Out of agony you reach for your water bottle and your energy drink, gulping as much as you can in one go desperately wanting the pain to subside. You then commence to pour water over your head and on your upper legs, which does cool you down but virtually nothing for the pain.

It appears that you have suffered from a debilitating muscle cramp. Despite having replenished your hydration and electrolytes that your body requires, it had only relieved the cramp slightly. However, the pain and stiffness does not quite subside, leaving you with a bitter taste of disappointment in your mouth, as you are unable to finish.

The above scenario that was painted is a common occurrence in seasoned athletes and your so-called weekend warriors. Regardless of your fitness level and what conventional science tells you, whatever you seem to do does not quite work.

But what if we told you that, you do not need to have a similar experience this Sunday at the Cape Town Cycle Tour?

We can spare you from all of the disappointment, pain and agony by introducing you to CrampNot!

Best 4 Sports has created the world’s 1st commercially available neuromuscular supplement for Exercise Associated Muscle Cramps (EAMC). CrampNot is an innovative 100% natural product that utilises non-conventional science in order to prevent a cramp from occurring. If in the case that one begins to cramp, CrampNot can also be utilised as a treatment.


This is it! The answer to all of your problems…at least to all of your cramp-related ones.

If you have any interest in hearing more about CrampNot and the science regarding our cramp supplement, please feel free to attend one of our product launches.

(See image below for details)


Furthermore, if you are in Cape Town on 3rd-5th March 2016, we will be present at the Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo at the Cape Town Stadium. There, we will be handing out samples and answering any questions that you may have in relation to CrampNot.

So, come check us out!

14 Comments on “It is almost here!

    • Hi Adam,

      We were handing out samples at the Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo over the past weekend and we will be doing the same at the 2 Oceans Maratjon Expo within the following 3 weeks.

      If you are unable to be there, we can arrange something for you.

      The Best 4 Sports Team


      • Hi Guys, thanks so much for the response, I am in America, is there any way to try a sample of the product?


  1. Thanks guys – I did a crazy thing and used a sample of the product for the first time on Sunday. Started out too fast and felt a little calf cramp after about 2.00 hours when I took the second dose. Flew up Chappies and got over Suikerbossie with just a hint of cramp. Knocked 8% off my previous best time. Regards, Brian Gibson


    • Hi Harold, as of next week you can purchase the product directly through us or you can wait until the end of April to purchase CrampNot in Dischem.


      • Hi

        Please advise how to purchase directly through you. I am in centurion


        Harold Scholtz

        082 796 3736


        • Hi Harold,

          Thank you for showing interest in our product.

          Matt, our marketing guy, will contact you shortly to advise you on purchasing CrampNot.


    • Hi Neville, unfortunately not as of yet. However, you can contact our head office and you will be able to purchase CrampNot directly through us.


  2. Magic!! My quadriceps used to cramp at the 70 km mark of the longer races! Yesterday I did my 13th 94.7 and used your original CrampNot! I had a slight calf cramp at about 80 km’s, but no cramping of my quads! Next time I want to try the Premium, but you have a follower!! Thanks for the magic!!


    • Hi Leon, thanks for the awesome feedback! We are glad that you got to experience the magic of the S#*T 🙂 For the month of December we will be running a competition on SM, so save your testimonial for that 🙂

      Have a good one leon and thanks again for your feedback!


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