Ready, Steady, GO !!!

Well, before we tell you what our blog is all about, let’s tell you a bit ourselves! We, at Best 4™ Sports, comprise of dynamic experienced athletes, medical and pharmaceutical specialists, including doctors, biochemists, pharmacists and nutritionists, whose purpose is to explore and check out anything and everything that is sports-related.

In the arena of sports nutrition, there have been great developments and views that have become so established that we deem them as sacred. But more recently we have seen some ideals that were carved in stone, being broken, due to mind-blowing and thought provoking scientific investigations.

Through this blog, we intend on bringing you all that is cutting edge and innovative, especially in the area of sports nutrition. Remember, you the athlete, are the final judge of what works and what does not work for you. We will present information as simply and as objectively as we can, with scientific and anecdotal evidence, where appropriate. This is a blog after all and not a science journal.

However, for those of you who are science geeks, we will cross-reference our posts for your reading pleasure. Why are we setting up this blog? The digital world of sport blasts us with new information daily, ranging from snake oil products to well-researched remedies and processes.

With our team of specialists and researchers, we will wade through the tons of information out there and try to make sense of it, or at least some of it. Of course, we are a company that produces neutraceuticals, and is diversifying into sports nutrition, and when we punt some of our products, we will endeavor to back it up with science.


” What are you waiting for ? Let’s go! “

So gather your friends and have them join us here at Best 4™ Sports. If they ask you why, this is what you should say:

” IT’S THE S#*T !”.

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