Cape Cyclists Better their Best

In the month of July we hosted yet another CrampNOT MTB ride along with Nick Bester, which took place in Cape Town over two days. Each day saw the ever so youthful Nick ‘Yster’ Bester lead the groups of cyclists through a 150km course, which started and ended in Meerendal in Durbanville.



” There’s no room at the top for cramps.”

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“Awesome Product!”


It is always awesome when people are just as stoked as you about something. This is the case with Nicholas Davey, as he was amazed with the efficacy of CrampNOT. He got to experience the amazing neuromuscular anti-cramp complex during our CrampNOT MTB Trial with Nick Bester.

The field trial was conducted over two days (23rd &24th July 2016) in Durbanville where riders cycled more than 150km, on gravel and tar, each day. Most of the riders were present for one day, however Nicholas was brave enough to participate in both rides.


CrampNOT: The neuromuscular anti-cramp complex that works.


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“ Beep Beep beep…Beeb beep beep…!” is the sound that awakened me from my deep slumber, dragging me into a state of consciousness. For a second, I had hoped that the sound I was hearing came from my dream. Realising that it was not a moment from the movie, Inception. My conscious self momentarily begged my body not to be alerted by that.

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Hank McGregor: King of the Berg once again

The name Hank McGregor is one of the most well-known and highly regarded names in the canoe and surfski fraternity, as canoe sport fans have seen him win just about every major canoe race over the last decade or so.

He literally is a machine. In fact, the power and technique that encompasses his paddling style has earned him the befitting nickname of “ Hank the Tank.” Vekassy(ICF)

Hank McGregor winning the World Canoe Marathon World Championship ( Vekassy)

The Berg River Canoe Marathon has been described as one of the most gruelling multi-day canoe races on the racing calendar. Even the 6-time Canoe Marathon World champion says that it is the toughest canoe marathon in South Africa and possibly, the world.

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Fjords, forests, snow & glaciers – the best of Patagonia

Fjords, forests, snow & glaciers – the best of Patagonia

The Comrades Marathon is appropriately dubbed the Ultimate Human Race, as it is an event that tests the strength, character and the mentality of runners as they courageously tackle the 89-kilometre course.

The Comrades Marathon is the oldest ultra marathon in the world, which sees more than 20 000 runners from 60 countries attempting to complete the strenuous journey from Durban to Pietermaritzburg (the up run) or from Pietermaritzburg to Durban (the down run).



Cato Ridge at just after sunrise, which was the 30 kilometre mark of the Comrade’s Marathon.

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“ To cross the finish line” is an expression that we are all familiar with and in the sport of running, it is often taken literally. Hence, completing a race requires just that…But, what if we told you that there is a race where the objective is to avoid the finish line? Confused?

Well, on 8 May 2016 more than 150 000 runners, in 33 different locations around the globe, geared up at 11AM (GMT) to run as far as they could until the finish line could catch them…Now, you must really be confused.

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The power of the mind is a remarkably potent thing. This is quite evident in the recent feat that Leicester City has achieved by winning the Premier League this season. Without that sense of belief, the Foxes could definitely not have achieved, which is arguably the biggest shock in football history.

Most people that have used CrampNot for the first time were faced with this dilemma, as they had used the neuromuscular supplement without experiencing any muscle cramps when they usually would. Was it a mind over matter kind of a thing or did CrampNot actually work?


Was it the S#*T or was it their minds?

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In amongst wild wind and rain, a laundromat and coffee

Check out Robyn’s 3rd edition of her exciting expedition of Patagonia. In this post, she tells us how her and her teammates battled through a windy stage on another MTB stage of the race…Check it out! It’s the S#*T !

“Cracking the pickle juice conundrum”. This is rather an unusual phrase that Dr Sivi Gounden, one of the brainchildren behind CrampNot, uses to describe the birth of the neuromuscular supplement. Before the whole story can be told, you will need an understanding of the actual cause of muscle cramps.

Since the pre-launch events of CrampNot, the Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo and the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon Expo, we have learned that many people still think that muscle cramps can be treated and prevented through electrolyte mixtures, salt tablets and even the concoction of Enos and Coke. But nobody can blame them, as we have all been taught that cramps can only be avoided through hydrating well and by making sure you are topped up with electrolytes.

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The Wildest Trek (yet)

Read part 2 of Robyn’s awesome adventure race experience in Patagonia where she, along with her teammates, walked/hiked 76km in complete isolation crossing into grassland, forest and mountain slopes.

CrampNot: It’s the S#*T

Ours is the even better go getter generation. We work harder and play harder than ever before. Though we might have the drive to push further every time, our bodies sometimes kick back.

Nowhere else is this more evident than with exercise associated muscle cramps. Although muscle cramps are extremely common in both amateur and professional sports, effective treatment has been a bit of a mystery to science…UP UNTIL NOW.

Folie37 10.56.54 AM

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